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Colorado Springs, CO  (719) 473-6925   |  Princeton, NJ  (609) 454-3587

Colorado Springs: (719) 473-6925

Princeton: (609) 454-3587

Disclosures: Form CRS and Form ADV Part 2A

Each of our portfolio managers has more than 25 years of investment experience, and we know the importance of adopting a successful, time-honored approach to ensure that our clients achieve their investment goals.

Since our founding in 1971, we’ve consistently delivered solid long-term investment performance and remain committed to growth as the cornerstone of our investment philosophy.

John Herdje casual portrait

John W. Herdje, CFA

“Successful investing requires both discipline and patience, and they’re both a part of my mentality and investment approach. Years of experience and a long-term view help me think objectively for my clients and make sound financial decisions.”

Mark Michalek casual portrait

Mark B. Michalek, CFA

“Being part of a team that works as partners with clients is crucial to me. Our firm’s independent structure allows us to provide customized service and to focus only on what benefits clients.”

Philip Price casual portrait

Philip S. Price, CFA

“I get a lot of satisfaction in seeing our clients succeed, and I’m proud of the fact that we’ve added value for them by sticking to a proven process that has worked very well over the long term.”

Fred Stattman casual portrait

Frederick B. Stattman, CFA

“Being responsive is important to me. If someone reaches out to me with an issue or a question, I respond right away. I want my clients to trust me and know that I care about their concerns.”

Steve Vela casual portrait

Steven R. Vela, CFA

“It’s important for me to treat everyone I work with fairly and equally. Regardless of the size of their account, clients deserve service that’s highly personal, and I think it’s essential to give each of them that individualized attention.”