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Personal Accounts


We begin the process by analyzing your unique investment objectives and constraints to arrive at a customized Investment Policy Statement. We consider your time horizon, liquidity needs, tax situation, as well as any legal or other specific circumstances during this process. We implement your unique investment plan and report back to you, making sure that we consider your needs as they change from time to time. We encourage frequent personal contact to assure your highest possible comfort level with the implementation of your investment plan.

Retirement Accounts

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We work with you to establish a reasonable plan for achieving your retirement goals. We implement the plan for you, making sure that it remains on track during your contribution phase, then assist you in arriving at a sustainable withdrawal plan at the time that funds are needed. As this dynamic process evolves through time, we encourage frequent re-visiting of your plan’s progress with respect to your stated goals. Furthermore, we help you adhere to Federal and State regulations to assure that your plan stays within the complex laws that govern retirement accounts.

Trusts and Estates

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We work with you or your designated fiduciary to make sure that the managed portfolio adheres to the trust document or Will. We provide an investment perspective to the trust and estate management process that assists in determining liquidity needs and balancing the conflicting needs of different classes of beneficiaries.

Non-Profit Organizations

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To satisfy the unique needs of Non-Profit Funds and Endowments, we encourage and assist in the development and implementation of a formal Investment Policy Statement, so as to provide continuity as Trustees move on and off the Board. We provide expanded reporting and customized presentations to make sure Trustees are familiar with the Investment Policy Statement and our implementation of them.